These Are the Jobs of the Future

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What work will be left for people when machines are cheaper, faster and smarter than we are? Cognizant now proposes a list of 21 Jobs of the Future, jobs we believe will emerge över a ten year period. Time to say hello to the Data Detective, the Ethical Sourcing Officer, and the Artificial Intelligence Business Development Manager. Concern […]

RPA in Banking: Here Is Where It’s Most Beneficial

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Robotic process automation (RPA) is helping banks engage customers in real time, increase efficiency and productivity, and tap into the benefits of straight-through processing without a significant overhaul of their underlying systems. These are the areas where RPA is most often applied. Many banks are looking for quick and cheap alternatives that can deliver short-term […]

5 Steps to Start Driving Software Innovation


For many software development organizations, the hardest part of innovation is carving out time for it and building it into their day-to-day processes. By taking a series of small steps, however, organizations can quickly establish an innovation discipline that ensures relevance far into the future. Starting small instills teams with the discipline to stay focused […]

How New Technologies Reshape the Customer Experience

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How does the emerging technologies influence customer experience? By embedding AI and IoT into their enterprise applications, consumer-facing organizations can cultivate lasting and profitable customer relationships with hyper-personalized offers and services that deliver on the promise of digital. Today’s enterprise systems generate enormous volumes of data that can be fed into AI, machine learning (MI), […]

5 Ways Technology Will Challenge Conventions


A watch that once told the time and date can now monitor your heart rate and warn you if timely care is needed. A car that once transported you from A to B is now highly connected and semi-autonomous, with the ability to self-diagnose when issues arise. And with augmented technology, each of our own […]

Bots and Insurance: Making Sense of the Benefits

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When it comes to adopting the latest technology, the insurance industry is widely regarded as a laggard. Until recently, few insurer-developed social, cloud or mobile-first apps even existed. Now, bots are wining ground; customer-facing applications are popular because that’s where both revenue and customer experience stem from. The advent of robotic process automation (RPA or “bots”) […]