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7 Habits of Unsuccessful Digital Transformations

What’s preventing your digital success? Here are seven of the most common obstacles we’ve seen across industries and geographies. We’ve previously written about 5 Important Pieces to Successfully Develop a Digital Initiative. However, knowing what not to do can often be just as helpful as knowing what to do in times of change. When it comes to unsuccessful […]


The Forces Reshaping Our Work Culture

The Nordics CIO Executive Summit, organized by the Gartner company Evanta, recently took place in Stockholm. One of the speakers was Cognizant’s star analyst Euan Davis who held a session about the future of work. These are his reflections on the real challenge in the digital transformation: people. Work culture is breaking down, and has […]

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RPA in Banking: Here Is Where It’s Most Beneficial

Robotic process automation (RPA) is helping banks engage customers in real time, increase efficiency and productivity, and tap into the benefits of straight-through processing without a significant overhaul of their underlying systems. These are the areas where RPA is most often applied. Many banks are looking for quick and cheap alternatives that can deliver short-term […]

A Four-Step Approach to Going Digital

Many enterprises scramble to kick-start their digital initiatives, primarily due to a lack of clarity when selecting the right tools, associated platforms, and applications, as well as setting performance benchmarks. We advise to take a structured, four-step approach that can avert these issues and deliver expected outcomes with more speed and precision. To avoid the […]

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White Paper: How 14 Companies Across Industries Apply IoT at Scale

What does a company need to do to succeed with IoT initiatives? In this white paper, 14 companies are demonstrating the reality of IoT-at-scale to fuel higher levels of efficiency, innovation and new business models. Integration of information technology and operating technologies is driving powerful synergies – between the physical world of smart machines, industrial […]